stalked prospects

by sonder



released September 25, 2016



all rights reserved


sonder Phoenix, Arizona

I make music on occasion. I post it here.

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Track Name: the grips of influence
from a vicious line beyond any reasonable boundaries was birthed something of little consequence, a fragment that bade well in shrouded comfort, stalking innocently the prospects and in respect left much to be desired, leaving it to waste away in occasional fruitless shines, glimpses that surpass intention, the grips of influence, the cleansing rays of reactionary burden, fleeting fields saturated and infatuated in their solace, only of any recognition when in the parading face of indeterminacy, scrutiny, relying on the futility of optimism, where chance has the benefit of the doubt, relayed to and from heartlessness, the callousness of indifference that permeates from everything, even in the slightest bout of fabrication, it’s truth is undeniable and undeniably powerful to the eyes of the infirm and voluntarily damaged, where ascension is nothing more than a few emboldened words blanketing the fraught fine text.

level with them, trap your solace, submit to her bountiful precinct with nothing to offer more than a blanched besetting.
Track Name: farcical names
she told us we're saved through the body of Christ

she told you belief constructs your demise

who knew being wrong felt so good?
Track Name: requital
before we knew it, we had begun to believe we knew everything.
Track Name: cold parturition
she never struck twice and instead insisted on spectating the single subsiding fragment, perpetuated by emotion, set in a fleeting drift by a cold parturition, ready to be handled by the throat and readily disposed off.

and you know you never asked for this.
Track Name: stalked prospects, pt. 2
she's everything to you
yet she's nothing but a farce
the kids are dead, the lights are out.
Track Name: stalked prospects, pt. 3
her farewell to you leaves nothing to be desired
you’re one of many
and you leave in a dark closure
you never asked for this

the prospects you stalked were in her all along.